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un conjuro


This video was a post-2016 US presidential election catharsis. We made a sacred/profane altar in which we gave offerings of the tokens of white supremacist heteropatriarchy. Given the circumstances of widespread, outspoken xenophobia and racism in our current moment, we felt that it was important to cast our spell (record the voiceover) in Spanish. The text is wordy and elaborate, so that the non-Spanish speaker has to stumble along with the English subtitles.



This video implies an invitation to a peculiar alien dimension by our uncanny interaction with objects. Engaging with sugar arts and embracing failure, we insouciantly decorate the Parthenon with churro columns and condoms as piping bags, topped with chocolate syrup, strawberries, marbles, jelly beans, and googley eyes. Then, in playful barbarism, we consume the edible parts of the cake, but ultimately arm ourselves with puppet limbs to destroy the underlying structure.

Dead Horse Bay


This video steps into a world of hybrid creatures. These enchanting monsters are assemblages of discarded materials, many of which were gathered from the beach that they inhabit.  

Uncanny Appetite


In this video, we cooked spaghetti in the bathtub and bathed in it. We brought toys into the tub like children and played in the spaghetti water. Our intention was to collapse desire and disgust, as well as conflate bodily needs like bathing and eating. 

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