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crawling chaos of alienated atrophy

This performance maps affective traces of discarded materials, harvested and recycled from NYC trash and Dead Horse Bay. The performance installation includes video projections of painterly images of pollution and decay onto an uncanny fabric soft sculpture setting. It weaves a mutating environment in order to imagine a multiplicity of ecological visions, animated in resistance to a hetero-patriarchal order that has wounded a feminized other on a Neoliberal agenda to irreparable degrees.    


The dialectical image that is formed through the multiple components of the work looks to emphasize the entanglement of oppressions, which arguably all emerge from humanity's inhabitation and abuse of the earth. The performance practices a becoming-wild with evocations of "otherness", in resistance to sustaining "humanness".


In the performance, as the sound and video play, we emerge from the object that hangs in the center of the web, dismantle the installation, and by the end of the video, we retreat back to underneath the center object. The (de)installation evokes a subversive Lovecraftian conglomerate of image and soundscapes, inspired by the theoretical writings of Donna Haraway and Patricia MacCormack. It is a liminal environment of transition and transformation that allows the creatures to be involved in a process of (be)coming that is no-longer and not yet, as well as neither here nor there.

Video played in performance:

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